R5/R15 Plush

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The R5/R15 Plush line array system consists of  four R5 satellites and a R15 self-powered subwoofer. Thanks to its self-powered feature and compact size, R5/R15 Plush is a plug and play line array system which is really easy to transport and install. These features and its power output make it a perfect choice for small and medium installations, such as conference rooms, auditorium, school, House of Worship, shopping-malls, etc. R5/R15 Plush is made in high density plywood and it is available in two colours: black and white. Up to 1 x R15 + 8 x R5 can bt flown together

Tính năng và cấu hình:
  • Great flexibility in shaping array curvature
  • Adjustable angles from 0 to 10 degrees in 1.5" increments
  • Integrated amplifier & DSP modules
  • 300W + 500W amplifier
  • The built-in DSP allows control over each cluster at frequency  response, crossover point, slope, delay, gain  and limit
  • Perfect choice for small & medium applications
  • School, Live show, House of Worship, Multi-functional auditoriums
Nội dung:
Construction Plywood

R5: 1 x 1.7”HF + 2 x 5” LF

R15: 2 x 10” LF

Frequency response(-3dB)

R5: 50Hz-20kHz R15:45Hz-110Hz

Rated power

R5: 300W (8Ω) R15a: 500W(4Ω)

Amplifier Type

Class D

Maximum SPL (1W @ 1m)

122dB/128dB (Peak)

Dispersion (H×V) 120°× 30°(R5)
Input Impedance Balanced 20kΩ, Unbalanced 10kΩ
Power Supply AC 220V-240V~, 50/60Hz (or AC 110V-120V~, 50/60Hz)

R5: 2 x NL4
R15: 1 x NL4 + 4 x XLR

Dimensions (W×H×D) R5 : 540mm x 244mm x 191mm
R15: 540mm x 530mm x 430mm
Net Weight

R5 : 9kg
R15: 33.5kg
Frame: 10.6kg


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